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Admission to School
Enrolment of pupils into Primary 1 usually takes place in January of each year. Notification will be given of exact dates in the local press or information can be obtained by contacting the school.  Details of eligibility for enrolment are set out in ‘Notes for Parents’ issued by Aberdeenshire Council. This policy states that first admission to school should be at a single entry date in August for pupils attaining the age of five years between 1st March in the year of entry and the final day of February in the succeeding year.

The Education Act 1981 relating to Choice of School (Parent Charter) gives parents certain rights in choosing the school they wish their child to attend. This right can be exercised at any time throughout their child’s school years.

Parents considering enrolling their child in Keig School should first contact the Head Teacher to arrange to visit the school and meet the staff.

Our Induction Policy for new Primary 1 pupils is available in school. The booklet ‘Welcome to Keig School’ contains useful information for parents and children.

Children in Primary 1 will attend school on a mornings only basis for the first few weeks.

As part of the Early Intervention initiative pre-school children are invited to spend sessions in their classroom during the summer term. This gives them the opportunity to meet their new teacher and classmates and become familiar with the school environment. Learning Packs can also be borrowed by the children during this term. These packs contain books, games and activities which have been included to help promote Early Literacy and Numeracy skills. In conjunction with this, parents are invited to attend a series of workshops in school. The workshops outline activities and strategies that can be used to promote Early Literacy and Numeracy skills in the home and local environment. They also allow parents to become familiar with school resources and introduce them to methods of teaching reading, writing and mathematical concepts in the early stages. These are informal meetings when it is hoped any questions can be answered about starting school.